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Temporal Dissonance

by Coincidence Machine

Walking down the same old streets Sidewalks too familiar to your feet And it’s the same people that you meet How’d you get so far away from home? The same places every night The same sounds and smells and sights And it’s still the same old fight Still so far away from home The clothes that fit you too well The four walls that make your cell Make it very clear you fell Fell so far away from home In this neighborhood there’s nothing new And your neighbors see the same old you Just another person who Ended up so far away from home
Forsaken? 03:20
Forsaken? If I was quiet Could you stay loud? If I was humble Could you stay proud? If we stopped playing games Would that be allowed? If I were gentle Could you be strong? If I remain still Could you move along? If I wasn't right Could you admit you were wrong? If we force a smile Would it elicit a sigh? If we try to laugh Would it turn into a cry? If we were honest Would that be a lie?
In View 02:37
I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye Nothing I could ever recognize Still I can’t seem to force it from my mind I don’t know why Just a moment and then I turned away Just a moment lasting all day Just a moment that follows me around I can’t see how chorus: I want you in the subway I want you in the street I want you on the boardwalk in your bare feet I want you in the open I want you in view I want to see you And now it follows me everywhere I go But never close enough to get a hold Vanishing into thin air I don’t know where Will that moment ever come again? Would it feel like it did then? Would I recognize it anyway? I can’t say bridge: What can I do But fall in love with every girl that Looks like you
This crown of thorns weighs heavy on my mind The burrs and brambles in my thoughts I find Lying in the bed that holds me wide awake Trying to find the future I left behind This crown of thorns constricts around my skull Slows my gait and makes my senses dull This crown of thorns sticks deep into my brain Entwines my speech and makes my actions vain


Here's some tracks we didn't get around to releasing, until now.


released August 16, 2016

Jimi Twang! Durso: voice, guitar, bass
Matt Baranello: voice, drums, engineering




Coincidence Machine New York, New York

Coincidence Machine is Jimi Durso, Matt Klein, and Eli Maniscalco. They move effortlessly between genres (which some people find disconcerting), though much of their music has prog and fusion tendencies.

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