I think this was the last track we ever recorded with the original duo, but in this case percussion and acoustic guitar. Kind of like an early T-Rex thang.


I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye
Nothing I could ever recognize
Still I can’t seem to force it from my mind
I don’t know why

Just a moment and then I turned away
Just a moment lasting all day
Just a moment that follows me around
I can’t see how

I want you in the subway
I want you in the street
I want you on the boardwalk in your bare feet
I want you in the open
I want you in view
I want to see you

And now it follows me everywhere I go
But never close enough to get a hold
Vanishing into thin air
I don’t know where

Will that moment ever come again?
Would it feel like it did then?
Would I recognize it anyway?
I can’t say

What can I do
But fall in love with every girl that
Looks like you


from Temporal Dissonance, released August 16, 2016
Jimi Twang! Durso: voice, guitar, engineer
Matt Baranello: percussion, engineer




Coincidence Machine New York, New York

Coincidence Machine is Jimi Durso, Matt Klein, and Eli Maniscalco. They move effortlessly between genres (which some people find disconcerting), though much of their music has prog and fusion tendencies.

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