I think I dreamed this song, as I woke up in the middle of the night w/ the melody, chords, and lyrics all complete.


Don’t care if the rain has stopped
Or if the other shoe has dropped
Don’t care if the sun has shined
She’s got trouble in mind

Don’t matter if you’ve got her back
Or if you’re on the same track
Don’t matter if you’re just her kind
She’s got trouble in mind

Doesn’t need you to take her away
Won’t matter if you want to stay
Won’t matter if you’re so inclined
She’s got trouble in mind

Don’t see the ship about to land
Don’t know if the bird’s in hand
Or if the dotted line was signed
She’s got trouble in mind

Neither the parting of the clouds
Nor the lifting of the shroud
Makes no difference if the stars aligned
She’s got trouble in mind


from Decimation of the Monarch, released May 4, 2018
Jimi Twang! Durso: bass and voice
Eli Maniscalco: drums
Matt Klein: guitar
Matt Cochran: tenor saxophone




Coincidence Machine New York, New York

Coincidence Machine is Jimi Durso, Matt Klein, and Eli Maniscalco. They move effortlessly between genres (which some people find disconcerting), though much of their music has prog and fusion tendencies.

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